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Why there is still a need for embedding beads for tracking histology blocks

Beads are being increasingly used to identify an individual technician’s work when embedding tissue in paraffin blocks. Each member of staff has their own colour bead assigned to them which is recorded within the Quality Management System (QMS). Solmedia supplies a wide variety of beads so that when a member of staff leaves or a new member starts, the list of assigned bead colours is updated but not overwritten. There is an option to choose from


Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have found a way to change Leukaemia cells into Leukaemia-killing immune cells. The findings, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, resulted from the discovery of an extremely rare human antibody and could lead to powerful new therapies for the treatment of Leukaemia and possibly other forms of cancer.

New Melanoma Vaccine Project

Dr. B.K. Sharma has just finished and published trials using a vaccine for treatment of Melanoma tumors. This article shows, through IHC, the immune response in the regional lympnodes. The initial study concludes that the induction of autologous vaccination in vivo by intralesional therapy with low-dose GM-CSF and IL-2 seems to induce tumor-specific response.

We are excited to have been awarded for IBMS Congress Best Exhibitor

For Solmedia Ltd the IBMS Congress 2015 was a huge success in terms of visitor numbers and interest in the range of our latest products. The stand, a mix of shell scheme and bespoke design was designed by our brand marketing agents and had a mix of simplicity, clarity and attractiveness that we feel led to us achieving this Best Shell Scheme award.