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Training with Diapath and Trip Around Bergamo

Training with Diapath and Trip Around Bergamo

In June, three of our team members went to Italy for product training at Diapath. Our Sales Account Manager, Candice, shares an insight into how the trip went below.

"In June, myself and two of my colleagues were invited to take part in some product training in the beautiful city of Bergamo, Italy. Before the training began myself and two of our customers, Julie Owen and Natalie Woodman, enjoyed a tour around the city itself in glorious sunshine and eating fantastic food. In the evening Diapath launched the new Donatello tissue processor in the surrounds of a castle under a starlit sky before sitting down to a wonderful five course meal and plenty of Italian hospitality!

Following my day trip, the real work began and myself, Andrew and Tom undertook product training on all of the pieces of equipment with plenty of hands-on experience, from setting our own processing protocols to taking part in a cutting race. Being able to see and touch the equipment provided a great foundation and helped reinforce our understanding of the environments that our customers work in. We also took part in a team building activity which involved shooting people with paint in 35℃ heat otherwise known as paintballing, allowing us to get to know the other distributors (from 10 different countries) and the Diapath staff.

It has been really great to have hands-on product training with equipment used in an area that I have had limited experience with. I have come away from Italy with extensive knowledge of the equipment that we can offer and also a little bit of sunburn!"

Posted on: 2017-07-25 09:53:33