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Could a paper test strip and smartphone help heart failure patients?

Could a paper test strip and smartphone help heart failure patients?

A paper test strip and a smartphone could help heart failure patients monitor their condition at home.

Scientists have developed a new test strip that could potentially allow patients to do this at home for the first time.

According to the American Heart Association, nearly 6 million people in the U.S. live with heart failure, and about 1 million are hospitalised each year that are related to the condition. By closely monitoring these conditions after diagnosis it would benefit by being able to adjust treatment and prevent emergency visits. Antigens called ST2 and BNP are good indicators of heart failure and how it’s progressing. But consistently analysing the levels of these biomarkers requires both trained personnel and sophisticated lab equipment. A group of scientists wanted to devise a simple test to enable doctors and patients to carry out the same analysis at the office or at home.

The researchers developed a paper–based test that requires only a small blood sample of 10 microliters. A blue dot glows on the strip if ST2 is present in the sample, and a green dot glows if it contains BNP. The colours increase with concentration, which indicates if a person’s heart failure is increasing. A smartphone app can analyse the readout and send the results to the patient’s doctor, who can adjust the patient’s treatment accordingly.

Source: American Chemical Society

Posted on: 2017-06-13 13:11:23