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China and Tobacco, 316 Million Smokers and Counting

Study shows that China dominates as world-leading tobacco consumer.

Intelligent Surgical Knife

The intelligent surgical knife (iKnife) was developed by Zoltan Takats of Imperial College London and works by using an old technology where an electrical current heats tissue to make incisions with minimal blood loss.

Training with Diapath and Trip Around Bergamo

In June, three of our team members went to Italy for product training at Diapath. Our Sales Account Manager, Candice, shares an insight into how the trip went below.

Solmedia competing for title of Coracle World Champions

This year Solmedia staff will be competing for the title of "Coracle World Champions" at this year’s Shrewsbury coracle race.

Could a paper test strip and smartphone help heart failure patients?

A paper test strip and a smartphone could help heart failure patients monitor their condition at home.
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